At Eco, it pays to be early.

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The Eco Onboarding Session™ — it's the highest ROI 20-min you'll spend today.

Find out how we've gotten well-banked Americans to switch their paychecks to Eco, found Product/Market Fit, and won over A-list investors like a16z, Founders Fund, Coinbase Ventures, and Activant.

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Your money. All in one place. It just makes sense.

Right now your money lives in a bunch of places and makes your bank rich. Eco is rebuilding the financial system from the ground up, so your money lives in one place, and makes you rich.


Spend from Eco anywhere, and earn 5% cashback with your favorite brands – Amazon, DoorDash, Uber, and more.


Send and receive cash and Eco Points with friends. All from one balance earning up to 5% APY. Bye bye, Venmo!


Better APY rewards than your high yield savings – with no loopholes, minimums, or fees.


The Points are the Point. Earn Eco Points for everything you do - even paying bills.

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At Eco, it pays to be early.

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