Meet the Eco Foundation

The Eco Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization creating an open-source currency protocol.

Our Mission


Our mission is to create a verified and geographically-distributed network for value exchange. We believe that efficient and usable digital currencies have the potential to give greater financial control and independence to billions of people. We will guide the development of the Eco Protocol, with transparent governance, progressive decentralization, and continuous improvement. The Eco Foundation will not be controlled by any one individual, organization, or nation.

If you are an expert in technology, security, economics, governance, policy or design and are interested in helping build Eco into a global currency, please email us at Universities, open-source projects, companies and non-profit organizations who are interested in partnering with Eco can email for more information.

Join our team



As a Partner, you’ll play a key role in the development of the Eco Protocol, helping to guide development and contributing to the collective effort of building a distributed global currency.

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If you're a developer, economist, policy expert, or domain expert with relevant expertise and are interested in contributing to Eco on a full-time, part-time, or project basis please contact us.

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