Say hello to Eco

  • One wallet that makes your money go further,
  • every time you spend and save.
More money, less stress. Simple.
Eco App on the iPhone

Earn more with Eco when you...


Receive 5% cash-back where it matters most (Amazon, DoorDash, Uber, and more to come!).

Get paid

Earn up to 5% APY on your balance. That’s (at least) 10X better than your savings account!

Invite your friends

Referrals boost your savings and increase your rewards. They’ll receive a bonus with your invitation!

With much more to come.

New brands, new rewards, pay your bills, pay your friends. Beta users get first access!

Earn more, overtime.

Eco simplifies your spending, and maximizes your savings. All in one place. To learn more about the Eco mission, check out!

The Eco beta is currently open to employees of partnering companies, and their referrals. If you would like an invitation, sign up below!

Why should I use Eco?

Eco lets you maximize your rewards and savings in one place, without the hassle of surprise limits or high fees. Earn better cash-back when you spend, and interest that grows your savings 10x faster than a bank. You don’t have to choose between spending and saving anymore. With Eco, you can have both.

How does Eco work?

Eco removes the middlemen that make money transfer slow and expensive, and gives the savings back to you. With fewer companies controlling your access to your money, you get better cash-back when your money moves, and higher interest when it sits.

How do I get started with Eco?

Eco connect to your direct deposit, with no minimums or hidden fees. Just add Eco to your payroll dashboard (it only takes 2 minutes to set up) and you’ll be earning more from your first deposit!

Where can I spend with Eco?

Today, you can spend at Amazon, DoorDash, and Uber/UberEats. Coming soon: Target, Whole Foods, and more!

Is Eco a bank?

No, and that’s the point! Eco is a new payment app that also pays market-leading interest on your balance. Eco moves your money in a new way, with benefits your bank can’t compete with.