About Eco

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What is Eco?

Eco is a new payment and savings app designed to make your dollar go further. With the Eco App, you can earn higher interest on your balance (5x better than your bank), and spend at your favorite stores (with cash back).

Eco products represent a new way to move money—between you, your accounts, your friends, and the places you spend most—without the restrictions and hidden fees imposed by banks. But more than its products, Eco is a movement to rethink payments, banking, rewards and loyalty from the ground up.

Why should I use Eco?

Consumers and merchants have (often unwittingly) accepted slow speeds, high fees, and money transfer limits due to outdated bank or credit card rules. We’re out to change that.

Eco makes it simple and easy to control your earning and spending in one place. Soon through the Eco App you’ll be able to pay your friends (with easy bill splitting) and enjoy one-click payment with our online partners.

But this is just the beginning. Eco makes your money accessible without arbitrary transaction limits or long wait times. Imagine being able to send money or transfer your reward points on demand to family or friends, regardless of where they are. Imagine being paid daily instead of bi-weekly. Imagine being able to spend from any balance, in any asset. Together we can build a new standard for payments and personal finance.

Who is behind Eco?

We’re a growing team obsessed with bringing consumers into a new payment experience that is more directly connected with your earnings, savings and rewards. As a team we combine expertise in banking, digital payments, cryptocurrency and financial regulation. Previously our team members have built payment or e-commerce products for companies such as Affirm, Stripe, Tesla, Bolt, Facebook, Ripple, Fiserv, Gap and 2Checkout (to name a few).

Collectively we’ve spent years wrestling with the restrictions imposed on everyday payments by banks and credit card networks. We’re backed by world-class investors and advisors, and together we are on a mission to give you a new way to move money, unhindered by outdated bank and credit card policies. You can read more about why we started Eco here . We invite you to join us!

How does Eco work?

Where money movement has traditionally been too slow or expensive, Eco products use digital currency. In Eco, user balances are held in dollar-backed “stablecoins” insulated from broader cryptocurrency volatility. The dollars backing your crypto-balance are held in FDIC-insured bank accounts.

For some features, we offer users the option to purchase or use Bitcoin. We make it seamless to transfer your “digital dollars” in Eco to your traditional bank account at any time. Regardless of how we move money, we always design our products, policies and partnerships to ensure one thing: that your money is your money, on demand, always.

When can I use Eco? How do I sign up?

Currently the Eco App is in beta amongst a limited group of users. We will be gradually opening up the app for new downloads during Q2 2020. We anticipate the platform will be openly available for users and merchants in mid-2020. To reserve your spot on the access list, sign up at Eco.com!

I’ve read about the Eco Advisory Council? What’s that?

We are building Eco to support a global user base. The Eco Advisory Council is a diverse and expert group of payment industry veterans as well as academic partners, constructed to represent user interests as we build the Eco Movement. As this new payment network grows, to avoid hidden fees and surprise limits, it will need transparent and consistent internal policies for consumers, merchants, developers and partners. The Eco Advisory Council will help ensure we build our products and policies to that end, in a way that is fair and transparent for all users regardless of economic status.