About Eco

A better way to earn and pay. Learn more below!

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What is Eco?

Eco is a new digital wallet designed to make your money work for you. With the Eco App, you can earn higher interest on your balance (at least 10x better than your bank), and earn better (up to 5%) cash-back with your favorite brands and at your favorite stores.

Eco gives you a new way to move money—between your accounts, your friends, and the places you spend most—without the restrictions and hidden fees imposed by banks, and without the transaction fees that come with credit cards. We give the savings back to you. Eco is more than an app: It’s a new movement to rethink payments, banking, rewards and loyalty from the ground up.

Why should I use Eco?

With Eco, you earn more every time you deposit and spend!

When you hold idle money in your bank, you’re losing earning power. When you swipe your card, you’re paying hidden fees to multiple middlemen and exposing sensitive data. When you split money between five different apps, you constantly have to think about how to balance between them.

We’re out to change all that. Eco helps you simplify your everyday financial decisions, boosting your savings while automating your most important and predictable spending. 10x better savings return, 10x better cash-back where it matters, zero-fee money transfer (without arbitrary limits) to your friends.

This is just the beginning. As Eco grows, we’ll introduce new brands, simple spend tracking, rewards for subscription and bill payments, and referral bonuses to invite your friends! The earlier you join, the more you earn. Get early access here!

How does Eco work?

Eco programs your most predictable spending to eliminate “idle money.” Eco is designed to ensure you’re always earning: when your money moves, and when it sits.

How do we do this? Your deposits go directly to high-yield savings, or to stored value with the brands of your choice. And by allocating funds to brands directly, we’re able to kick the fee savings back to you.

Who is behind Eco?

We’re a growing team obsessed with bringing consumers into a new payment experience that is more directly connected with your earnings, savings and rewards. As a team we combine expertise in banking, digital payments, cryptocurrency and financial regulation. Previously our team members have built payment or e-commerce products for companies such as Affirm, Stripe, Tesla, Uber, Bolt, Facebook, Ripple and Fiserv (to name a few).

Collectively we’ve spent years wrestling with the restrictions imposed on everyday payments by banks and credit card networks. We have the technology to do better—to move money without these restrictions, simplify your everyday finances, and maximize your earning power. You can read more about why we started Eco here . We invite you to join us!

When can I use Eco? How do I sign up?

Currently the Eco App is in beta amongst a limited group of users. We will be gradually releasing the app for new downloads during the second half of 2020, starting with the eco.com waitlist. To reserve your spot on the access list, sign up here!